Frequently Asked Questions

Your website is different, what’s changing?
Club Drift isn’t the only project I’m working on. Some of the books that come out won’t be as spicy as the ones you’ve read so far and some of them might not have romance as the primary focus. You can read more about works in progress here.

Is the Club Drift series still active?
100%. As you may have noticed, I don’t write fast, so I don’t know when Club Drift 3 is coming, but it is coming. You can sign up for my newsletter to be updated as soon as it’s available.

What’s changing in Club Drift?
I’ve always included a brief warning about safety as a prefix to my books that focus on BDSM . I’ve also always tried to write risk-aware consensual kink, but I haven’t always been successful.
There’s a tightrope to walk with this. I want to write something sexy, exciting, and fun to read, but I don’t want to write anything that has the potential to be harmful.
That safety statement includes a note about suspension of disbelief. For example, it’s okay for Maisy to wander into a mystery dungeon alone and let the first bloke she meets pull her hair, but my readers should know it’s not okay for them to do that.
Lately, however, I’ve been thinking that’s not enough. From now on, I’m aiming to rely less on my readers knowing what’s fictionally acceptable, but dangerous in reality, and more on writing a story I’d be happy living through.
I’m also going to stop relying on the off-page “forms” that all Club Drift members have as shorthand for “they don’t have STIs and have agreed on contraception methods”.
Of course, I may still fail in these aims and what I do achieve won’t be right for everyone. Nobody has the same concept of what’s “right” in kink and, as always, my view isn’t the correct one for anyone but me. This is just a little nod to the mistakes I’ve made before and a statement of intent.