I write BDSM Erotic Romance and I’m a part of the BDSM community in real life.

However, I don’t write about real people in my fictional world. The characters, places, and events are all figments of my imagination.

Although my Club Drift novels are fictional, I hope they portray healthy and realistic attitudes to BDSM. If you see something alarming in my work that falls outside the suspension of disbelief required for these fast-paced romances to work then PLEASE tell me.

These stories are by their nature escapist fantasies, but I want everything I write to have safe, sane, and consensual play in mind.

The Drift heroes may be all knowing and preposterously attractive and things might move a little faster than in real life, but that’s only because this is fictional fun.

In real life, you’ll be extra careful, promise? If someone tells you they’re an all-knowing pleasure God, then you can probably laugh in their face and walk away. If any potential partner demands you obey them without negotiations or without a safe word you will walk the hell away. If anyone treats your limits as an obstacle to overcome, then walk away. If some guy tells you he can only play during work hours that guy is married, mate. Probably walk away. Unless they’re a poly couple and you’re all into that, of course. Do your research. Be safe. Have fun, but please be safe.

“No.” is a complete sentence.

Rule one in BDSM is mutual consent. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a potential hazard.

I’ll be including some links to beginner BDSM information on this website because I hope my novels find their way into newbie kinkster hands one day. The kink community is big and broad and inclusive and fantastic, but it really helps to have your wits about you and some reading under your belt.

There are as many ways to be kinky as there are kinky people and my way isn’t some ideal that should be upheld, but safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) or risk-aware consensual kink (RACK) are essential starting points for any kink relationship.

Have fun out there, you glorious kinksters, and take care of each other.