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Why Do I Write BDSM Romance Novels?

I’ve been working on Maisy’s Keeper for a long time. An excessively, obnoxiously long time.  Persistent ill-health and various careers (sensible and otherwise) got in the way, but I kept coming back to the manuscript.

Even when it was a sprawling mess of pages and notes, I knew I’d finish this book one day. It was a book I had to write.

Things are different now it’s done. I know I can write the next novel and write it fast.  Why? Well, I did it before, didn’t I? Novel writing isn’t a great unknown anymore, it’s something I can do. (That’s a weird thing to type after all this time, believe you me.)

William’s book is getting every ounce of my energy and attention now because I feel the same way about this one as I always have about Maisy’s Keeper, but why do these smoochy books mean so much to me in the first place?

Born This Way

Most obvious thing first – I’m a kinkster. I write about BDSM and D/s in particular because these relationship dynamics are an essential part of my identity.  I know that sounds a bit strange from the outside, but for me being a submissive is as much a part of my identity as being bisexual or a woman or a feminist. I’m just born this way.

That’s not to suggest that my lifestyle approach is the only way to do things; there are a lot of equally valid ways to interact with BDSM and power exchange in particular. For me personally though, kink is a part of who I am.

Writing these stories is fun! They’re entertaining. There’s laughter, friendships, and hot as hell sex scenes, but this is also a creative way of expressing who I am.

My whole reason for writing these stories when I began was simple:

I wanted to show the side of BDSM I haven’t always seen in fiction. The ordinary side. The laughter, the communication, the occasional lows, the earth shattering highs – just the messy brilliant humanness of it all.

Cherise Sinclair & Sunstone

And the only reason I knew I could do that is because I’d seen it done elsewhere!

I’m going to be writing about these brilliant things another time, so I won’t go into detail now. What I need to say here is I got the confidence to write my style of enthusiastic consent focused, occasionally goofy, SSC, BDSM love story from reading other people’s excellent stuff in a similar vein.

The first things that leap to mind are 1) Most things by Cherise Sinclair and 2) Stjepan Šejić’s superlative graphic novel Sunstone.

There are others I want to write about and others I’m yet to discover, but right now I just want to mention those two shining examples to make a point.

I’m sure plenty of people, including myself and my character Maisy, find their first paths into BDSM through fiction.

When desires you don’t quite understand yet are put on paper in a form that’s not only entertaining, but humanising, it can be life changing.

Essentially, when you’re trying to understand where you fit in the kinky world and you pick up a book to find that yes, these characters (who are likeable and normal and a bit like you) are having desires like yours and it’s all totally fine, it’s a big deal!

What’s more, these authors are showing stuff that keeps people safe without compromising the entertainment factor. That’s valuable and something I aspire to. I don’t know who my books are going to reach, but if I one day teach a newbie kinkster what a safe word is I’ll consider myself a happy author.


Truth is, I consider myself a happy author already. Ahead of the April 15th launch I gave the novel to a wide variety of friends and acquaintances and although I’m grateful for all the feedback I’ve received, there’s a certain group of readers who’ve validated my little book beyond anything I could have hoped for.

People in the scene, subs and Doms and Dommes and switches, have given me feedback that makes me feel like I’m successfully mirroring more than my own experience. That right there is worth all the late nights.

I’ve been to munches, I’ve got lots of kinky friends online and off, but this is how I really want to be a part of our community –  I want to tell these stories, I want them to be accessible to anyone, and I want to make people like me feel something.


Opening to New Readers April 15th


Reasons You Should Buy ‘Maisy’s Keeper’ …

…According To The People Who Have Read It So Far!

As you’ll know if you’ve come over from Twitter, my first novel is finished and coming out very soon! The current release date is April 15th, but if I can get it out any sooner I will. If you want to know when it goes live on Amazon sign up for my newsletter.

While I’ve been gearing up for release, a few trusted acquaintances have been given ARCs of ‘Maisy’s Keeper’ and so far it’s going well! One of the things I was worried about when I started writing this book was appealing to a broad audience.

I set out to write a BDSM Romance novel from the perspective of someone who cares about the real-life kink community because they’re a part of it. I made a point of writing about consent, subdrop, and the emotional ups and downs of submission because that’s how I want BDSM to be depicted in the books I read.

However, I couldn’t help but worry I’d alienate non-kinky readers somewhere along the way.

So far, it’s looking good! Here are a handful of comments from my beta readers. I hope you all agree with them when you get your hands on a copy next month!

Kinky Readers:

“So, my reading of your book resulted in an extreme need to pleasure myself without permission. (lousy time zones) & rightly a correction & orgasm ban. I’m pretty sure that’s the BDSM genre version of “two thumbs up,” (pun totally intended).”

“Something I’m enjoying about your book – really knowing the inexplicable submissive feelings you’re describing. You’re quite talented with the word thingies to be able to put feelings to paper.”

Vanilla Readers:

“…you better be busy writing the next book because I feel like my life as I once knew it, is nearly over.”

“I loved your writing, You had me totally hooked!”

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