New Book Coming Soon!

UPDATE: 26/11/2020 WOW

I screwed that up. Sorry. All being well, Lucy’s Diary will be out December 2020. Keep an eye out for a sneak peak of Club Drift, Book Two and a festive freebie.

It’s been almost a year since I published Maisy’s Keeper. It has been the best year of my life! I’ve sold over 2000 copies of my little book and I’ve even been lucky enough to have people tell me they enjoyed reading it.

However, it has been nearly a year so it’s time for Maisy to step aside to make way for Lucy…

Who is Lucy?

Lucy is an author. I might share a job with this character, but in most ways we are very different!

What’s the book about?

This novel is a little darker than the first one. Our dear William is going to have a tough time, but he’ll have old and new friends to lean on.

Is it still rude?

Absolute filth, yeah. And funny and fluffy and all that good stuff.

When’s it out?

William and Lucy’s story is coming Spring 2019.


  1. Nancy Nicholson

    It’s summer 2019! Where is it? I am reading the first one and am already looking forward to the next. Please tell me you have it ready for publishing!! lol

    • Saffon_Hayes

      Hi Nancy! Sorry it too me so long. The second one is out now!

  2. Kelly Bishop

    Good Morning! I just found Club Drift and was wondering when William & Lucy’s story was coming out. Thank you for writing a good read! Merry Christmas!

    • Saffon_Hayes

      Hi Kelly! Sorry it took me so long, to reply and to publish the book, but Lucy’s Diary is out now! 🙂

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